Whirlpool ET0MSRXTB

Whirlpool ET0MSRXTB Whirlpool

Capacity: 9.6 cu ft
Width: 24"
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Key Items

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Key Strengths & Weaknesses
The price per cubic foot of refrigerator capacity is 24% lower than average and ranks in the top 50% of new refrigerators for price efficiency. Each cubic foot costs about $15 less than the average new refrigerator.
Features The Whirlpool ET0MSRXTB has a lower than average number of features with just basic functionality. Less features generally come with a lower price, and if you’re on a limited budget it may still represent a fair value.  
According to EnergyGuide estimates this model will use 24% less electricity than the average new refrigerator and ranks in the top 25% for less energy usage. Annual electricty use is about 115 kWh lower than average.
& Ice
This model is not equipped with an ice or water system. About 80% of new refrigerators have at least an icemaker, and many models include an ice and water dispensing system. Some retailers can install an icemaker on request.  
The manufacturer's limited warranty is the basic 1-year parts and labor. Some brands offer longer warranties on the sealed refrigeration system, including expensive components such as the compressor.  

Whirlpool ET0MSRXTB Refrigerator

General Ratings
MSRP $499 MSRP - The Manufacture Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is 69% lower than average and ranks in the top 20% of new refrigerators for affordability. It is priced about $1100 less than average.
No ENERGY STAR - The ET0MSRXTB is not ENERGY STAR qualified and does not meet the federal standards for energy efficiency. Only about 15% of new refrigerators do not have the ENERGY STAR label.  
Availability Discontinued - This model is no longer available for purchase from Whirlpool. It may still be available new from one of Whirlpool's associated retailers, or used through newspapers or online sites.  
No Sabbath Mode - Does not include a mode that helps individuals abide by Jewish law prohibiting work on the Sabbath. This mode is not common and is only available on about 10% of new refrigerators.  

Size & Style Ratings
Capacity 9.6 cu ft - The cubic foot capacity of this refrigerator is 58% lower than average and ranks in the bottom 20% of new refrigerators for smaller capacity. Smaller capacity is a personal choice to fit your needs and budget.  
7 cu ft (73%) Fresh, 2.6 cu ft (27%) Freeze - The average percent capacity for new refrigerators is about 69% fresh food, 31% freezer. The fresh food allocation of this model is 4% higher than average.
Color Black - Refrigerator colors are a personal choice that should reflect your taste and complement your kitchen. While this refrigerator is not stainless steel, it's protective paint and coating is still very durable.  
Depth Standard-Depth 26-78" - Most refrigerators are between 30" - 36" in depth and extend out a few inches beyond your base kitchen cabinets. Shallower refrigerators termed counter-depth are also available.  
Lighting Standard - Incandescent or CFL bulb lighting is common, but they take up more space than LEDs and are not as bright. They also radiate heat that can potentially shorten the shelf-life of meat and perishables.  

Water & Ice Ratings
Icemaker No Icemaker - Only about 20% of new refrigerators like the ET0MSRXTB are not equipped with an icemaker. Some retailers will install one, but If you're on a tight budget you can always manually fill individual trays.  
Dispenser No Dispenser - This model is not equipped with a water or ice dispenser. This saves on electricity usage, but about 60% of new refrigerators come equipped with one as most consumers find them useful.  
Filter No Water Filter - This refrigerator is not equipped with an icemaker or water dispensing system. If you purchase another model with an icemaker and/or dispenser it's an important feature to consider.  
Auto-Fill No Auto-Fill - Not applicable as this refrigerator is not fitted with a water and ice dispensing system. Auto-fill allows you to preselect a specific amount of water and fill-up the container hands-free.  

Fresh Food Ratings
Evaporator Single Evaporator System - Fresh food and freezer sections use the same evaporator, which is standard on most refrigerators. Humidity levels are maintained at the same level in both compartments.  
No Temperature-Controlled Drawer - Does not have a drawer with an independent temperature control. This feature is convenient for keeping meats, beverages, or other foods at a colder temperature.  
Chill &
No Fast Chill / Freeze - The ET0MSRXTB cannot rapidly chill drinks and beverages, or quickly freeze items such as softened ice cream. This feature is usually found on some higher-priced models.  
Crispers Humidity Control - Includes crisper humidity controls for flexibility in preserving freshness. You can select higher humidity levels for most vegetables, or lower levels that are appropriate for many fruits.
No Door Alarm - If you or your children have ever accidentally left the refrigerator door slightly open, you realize that this can be a wonderful feature. Helps prevent wasted electricity or even food spoilage.  
No Temperature Alarm - Does not have the capability to alert you if the interior refrigerator temperature rises above an unsafe limit. No audible warning of power outages or internal system failures.  

Convenience Ratings
Door Bins
No Gallon Door Bins - The Whirlpool ET0MSRXTB is not equipped with door bins that can hold gallon containers. Gallon jugs are heavy and frequently accessed - large door bins make the job much easier.  
In Door
No Door-In-Door - Standard refrigerator doors without an additional storage compartment. Door-in-door is normally only found on some high-end refrigerators and allows you to easily access your favorite items.  
Glass Shelves - Fitted with glass shelves that can contain spilled liquids to one shelf level. Shelf height can be adjusted up and down to accommodate tall food items and are easily removed for cleaning.
Automatic Defrost - Interior coils are automatically heated at regular intervals to remove frost that builds-up due to moisture in the air. Most new refrigerators on the market have auto-defrost capability.
Single Compartments - Designed with the standard single fresh food and freezer compartments. Some refrigerators have dual fresh food drawers or dual freezer drawers for added convenience.  
No Can Rack - Does not include a special rack or compartment that stores canned drinks. While this feature is helpful to some consumers, you can still keep your space organized and store your cans without it.  
No Wine Holder - While this refrigerator does not have a separately designed compartment for storing or chilling bottles of wine, it offers several multi-use areas that can be used for wine bottle placement.  

Control Ratings
Mechanical Temperature Control - The ET0MSRXTB uses older technology knobs or slides that adjust the temperature. Mechanical controls are sometimes found on lower-cost refrigerators to save money.  
No Temperature Display - Internal refrigerator temperature levels are not visually displayed for monitoring and adjustment. While less convenient, you can purchase a separate thermometer to be placed inside.  
LCD No LCD Touch-Screen - Like most refrigerators, this model does not have a Liquid Crystal Display for monitoring operations and selecting options. LCD's are sometimes included on higher-end refrigerators.  
Wi-Fi No Wi-Fi - Does not include the latest technology that allows you to use special software applications designed for the kitchen area, and to interface with the Internet. Only available on a few models.  

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